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 ● La Pelota - Milan

 ● Università Milano - Bicocca

 ● Club House

 ● Sala regia

 ● Prove di laboratorio

 ● Chiesa di San Rocco



“Riviera Golf ” – Via Conca Nuova n. 1236 - S.Giovanni in Marignano (RN)
The Club House of Riviera Resort Golf offers services and activities for the welcome and the stay of guests: wellness centre, swimming pool with water-massage, pool in the open air, sauna and turkish bath, beauty treatment and massage centre, fitness gymnasium, solarium, restaurant. The building architecture is characterised by in sight steel and wood beams and by wide glass surfaces that cover lateral walls and vaults. Very unpleasant reverberation effects and flatter echoes for the speech and sounds were generated in the rooms of swimming pool, sauna, gymnasium and restaurant by the highly reflective surfaces, that reduced use and comfort. In some cases this problem was eliminated by means of the classical micro-perforated panels applied over the walls and the ceilings. Following aesthetic and functionality reasons, this solution was not allowed for glass surfaces and vaults; in this case the transparent foils in polycarbonate (microsorberR) offered the solution. Microsorber foils, applied 100 mm apart reflective surfaces assure high absorption coefficients in the range of medium-high frequencies.