eng. Maurizio Zippo



 ● La Pelota - Milan

 ● Università Milano - Bicocca

 ● Club House

 ● Sala regia

 ● Prove di laboratorio

 ● Chiesa di San Rocco



“La Pelota” - 10, Palermo st. Milan
Multipurpose space for events (about 20.000 m3): fashion shows, conventions, exhibitions, concerts. Speech and music perception, initially fully compromised by the high level of acoustical reverberation (experimental reverberation time T60 was about 11s and 13s for the 1000 Hz and 125 Hz frequency components, respectively) and by flutter echoes and acoustical resonances phenomena, have been highly improved with only corrective actions on peripheral surfaces of the big hall.
Acoustical absorption panels (passive type for middle and high frequencies and active type, vibrating membranes, for low frequencies) were applied on the walls of the three sides; the surfaces of the entrance side wall and of the vault were sprayed with natural cellulose fibre. Reverberation time has been lowered to 2s and 2.5 s at 1000 Hz and 125 Hz, respectively. Ray-tracing based numerical code was used for the simulation of the internal acoustical field and for the predictive valuation and optimisation of corrective actions.